My name is Fi , and I have always had an informal interest in psychology and all it’s connotations and I find it absolutely fascinating how powerful the mind is, and how much it can help us to change our lives for the better if we let it.

I am married with 3 grown up sons, who all live locally and have had all the usual trials and tribulations in their lives, but have always been able to talk to me about them, I am very proud and honored that they do. I feel it was setting me up for the path I have now chosen as a career.

I spent many years doing the administration in my husbands carpentry contracting business, then when he moved into the corporate world I did too, working in customer services for a local company, again pushing me in this direction.

I was then made redundant, which gave me the opportunity to properly train to be a Cognitive Hypnotherapist. I also added Life Coaching, NLP and Mindfulness techniques into the mix, and I am currently undertaking integrative counselling training, so that I can offer the most options when working with a client to achieve the desired outcome, in the shortest time possible. I do not believe that therapy should be interminable.

I take pride in what I do and thoroughly enjoy helping the clients I work with, and if that’s you, I am sure you will enjoy the successful outcome of our work together.